Web Design


We migrated AmazingContent’s website from Squarespace to WordPress to make it easier for AmazingContent’s teams to edit and custom it. We upgraded the design and made...

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We created a new brand identity for Novelab to reflect their expertise in VR, AR and showcase their experience in mixed reality. The architecture of the...

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décembre 4, 2020


We redesigned Wemean’s website to give the brand a more modern and subtle image, which reflects their expertise and their values. We emphasized the use of...

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Sodexo Pass France

We helped Sodexo Pass France imagine and design a new platform to showcase its initiative « Long Live Restaurants » supporting restaurants owner in the midst of the...

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Tabesto, a French food tech company, wanted to increase its entering lead volume. We worked together to built new lead generation solution, by improving their website experience,...

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septembre 1, 2020


Amaris needed a new brand identity to refresh its style. We modernised Amaris’ logo, website and visuals to give Amaris a more refined, elegant and appealing...

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novembre 1, 2020

Groupe TPB

We gave TPB’s old fashioned website a second life. We created new attractive visuals, we built a tailor-made website architecture to match TPB’s organizational structure, and...

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We have built the identity and digital articulation of a platform to simulate salaries for different job statuses in France. The Platform had to be fun...

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mars 3, 2020


We redesigned Mantu’s brand identity and website to give it a more modern and stylish genre. We built a new webstite architecture to offer a delightful...

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