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octobre 1, 2022

Learn Sonos

The Sonos EMEA team entrusted us with the task of building a « Go to Market » platform to present and introduce the brand’s products to new markets.

The aim is to promote Sonos products and the Sonos brand through a reference site in several languages, capable of adapting to the culture and needs of each market over time.

This is a major challenge for Sonos to be able to establish itself and test new commercial horizons in new countries and thus extend its marketing.


Innovate with Strapi

We proposed to Sonos to use the CMS Strapi, which meets all the challenges of the project:

  • Ease of editing
  • Multiple types of products and content
  • Content management in several languages
  • A solid and scalable platform

Our front-end has been built entirely in Nuxt, to provide a fast and interactive user experience, while allowing faster and more efficient development.



“I would like to thank all this amazing team, you’ve been such a good partner and make this journey so much easier.

Always responsive, solution oriented, with great input and so helpful regarding the amount of pictures you had to download to make this happen!”

  • Strategy

    Create a powerful product management platform with Strapi

  • Design


  • Client


  • Technologies

    Strapi, Nuxt

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