5 thrilling ways to teamwork during lockdown

Even with your team on lockdown, teamwork is still what makes the dream work. Looking for ways to lift your team’s spirits remotely and get that morale back on track?

Don’t despair – that’s what video games are for :video_game:

We’ve field-tested cool ways to keep your team tight and on track; here’s the PXLA Top 5!
(Level up based on how far you’re willing to go… or maybe how low:shrug:)

Level 1: Share shameful lockdown stories during a casual Friday Skyperoo.

Confinement can have peculiar effects on humans, but the good news is that we’re all in the same boat. Reveal your most embarrassing/funny/cringeworthy stories and bask in the warm glow of being weird together.

Level 2: Play Loup-Garou and become your best werewolf self.

Any game with a name inspired by Shakespearean English must be good, right? Werewolves is a ridiculously fun game for up to 20 players at wolfy.fr. It’s free, but it’s also in French.

C’est la vie, wolf hunters.
The game’s principle is simple enough: werewolves lives amongst the villagers and try to kill them at night before they are hunted to extinction during the day. Expect special powers, hell-spawn battles, and Moliere’s and Danton’s mother tongue.

Level 3: Get old school with krunker.io.

Krunker is a fully-fledged, 100% free FPS that will remind you of your CS days when you were bunny hopping in dark internet cafes. It’s for 10 players max, and it’s up to you whether you play in a free-for-all or with a team. That’s your pick, but remember – once a camper, always a camper!

Level 4: Instagram Zumba class with compulsory livefeed for everyone.

If you don’t know what Zumba is, sharing your first session live with all your colleagues is probably the best way to find out. Honest.
Get exercising and channel your inner Latin vibes straight from your living room with the support of your team. Believe that there will always be someone who’s worse at it than you.

Level 5: Return to Midgar.

For all the purists out there, watching a member of your team play the Final Fantasy 7 remake in reverent silence is pretty much the geekiest thing you can do… Especially if you cosplay for the occasion as Cloud, Barret, Tiffany, Aeris, and even Sephiroth for the darker ones out there.

The best news is that since it’s a bank holiday today, you can even play it all by yourself. We’ll never tell a soul :wink:Check out more tips, tricks and 80s-inspired geekery at https://www.pixelalliance.io/