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03 // Services


We are a young collective of creative talents, digital experts, and dexterous developers. We bridge the gap between brand strategy and digital activation. 

Brand & Strategy

Because brands will always need a little outside help reinventing themselves

–  Brand Identity

Social & Influence

Because social media has ushered a new era where people are the media.

–  Social Strategy
–  Content Production
–  Audience Amplification

Growth & Marketing

Because digital ads are the best way to reach present and potential customers.

–  Digital Advertising
–  SEO
–  Marketing Automation

Web Design

Because each company’s storefront is now their very own website. 

–  UX/UI
–  Graphic Design
–  Website Development

04 // Difference

Our clients describe us as a strategic partner contributing to their growth by taking creative shortcuts.

You mean business on the internet and in real life? We’re here to help!

Our difference lies in our ability to help our clients move quickly from strategy to action with measurable returns on investment.

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What’s new?

The digital realm is evolving at breakneck speed. We take a step back to think deep and slow about today’s digital ecosystem and the way it shapes our world.

28 mai 2020
  • Pixel Team
  • Posted by Pixel Team
6 mai 2020
  • Pixel Team
  • Posted by Pixel Team
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resP3ct is a company providing pioneering consultancy services in marketing procurement. They redefine our clients’ marketing procurement by bringing Performance, People and Planet to the core of...

  • Strategy

    UX Strategy + Custom Development

  • Client


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Pixplay for BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas has partnered with Pixel Alliance to build a set of mini games for its internal employees during the Covid period. The idea is to...

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We migrated AmazingContent’s website from Squarespace to WordPress to make it easier for AmazingContent’s teams to edit and custom it. We upgraded the design and made...

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We helped the Women4Climate initiative hosted by the C40 (an NGO regrouping all the richest cities worldwide) empower and inspire the next generation of women climate...

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We created a new brand identity for Novelab to reflect their expertise in VR, AR and showcase their experience in mixed reality. The architecture of the...

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décembre 4, 2020


We redesigned Wemean’s website to give the brand a more modern and subtle image, which reflects their expertise and their values. We emphasized the use of...

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